October 24, 2021

Wakayna, Zanli and Renner Honors Bob Marley with new song and Video.

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Wakayna, a talented Ghanaian artist and producer who adores Bob Marley, an internationally recognised reggae icon, released a song titled “Bob Marley” to celebrate the remarkable accomplishment and indelible legacy created by the singer born in Jamaica.

The song features the talented young afro-pop singer Zanli and  Renner.

He and his team went ahead further to his release to shoot an exhilarating video for the song ‘Bob Marley’ that is available for streaming.

The launch accompanies the 76th birthday of the annual Reggae Symbol, which falls on February 6th.

Wakayna, who is known in real life as Francis Dogbe from Ghana’s most feared city, Nogokpo, is signed to Freedom Cry Records. The only thing he states he needs to be feared for, despite that, is his musical talent and enthusiastic imaginative stagecraft.

Enjoy the visuals to Wakayna’s ‘Bob Marley’ song by clicking on the link below and remember to subscribe to the channel.

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