October 23, 2021

Two men were caught with human bones.

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Two suspects have been detained by the police in Kraboa-Coaltar, the district capital of Ayensuano in the Eastern Region, in connection with an investigation into the suspected trade of human bones with a spiritualist.

The criminals, taxi drivers Awatey David Okra, 22, and Amenuvor Nicholas, 20, were apprehended by Kwamekyere Electoral Area Unit Committee Chairman Aware Isaac, who took them to the police station.

According to the Unit Committee member, he stopped the Daewoo taxi cab with the above suspects on board from Suhum direction towards Kwamekyere, for being accused of transporting any contraband items.

According to a police report obtained , one of the passengers managed to flee with a pan containing unspecified objects, and when a search of the taxi was undertaken, a black suitcase containing old bones believed to be human bones was discovered.

He said they were able to re-arrest the suspects, who claimed to have been sent by one Djoka (who is still at large) of Niifio near Suhum to deliver the suspicious bones to a fetish priest called Gagba of Kwamekyere village when interviewed.

The police, along with the perpetrators, paid a visit to the aforementioned Gagba’s temple, but he fled before they arrived.

According to the police, during a search of the temple, they discovered a recently buried pot containing an ancient skeleton, also believed to be a human skull, as well as a pan stuffed with fetish regalia.

The bones in the suite case, the skull in the jar, and the contents of the pan were kept as evidence, whilst the two suspects were arrested for further examination.

Meanwhile, as operations continue, attempts are being made to track down and apprehend the other conspirators such that legal measures can be taken, as well as to transfer the bones and skull to the Police Hospital mortuary for storage.


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