October 22, 2021

Kenya Airways implements digital ‘Covid’ travel pass

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Kenya Airways passengers can use the Trustworthy Travel Pass to quickly and safely check compliance with Covid-19 test or vaccine travel criteria.

•Through the Trusted Testing Code, they would be able to communicate the results of the examination and vaccine certificates with authorities and airlines to make travel easier.

Kenya Airways has teamed up with the African Union and the Africa Centre for Disease Control and Prevention (Africa CDC) to launch the Trusted Travel Pass, making it one of the first airlines in Africa to do so.

This is a digital portal that allows passengers to conveniently and safely monitor their international travel while adhering to all government criteria for Covid-19 testing and vaccine records.

The Trustworthy Travel Pass helps Kenya Airways passengers to quickly and safely check compliance with Covid-19 test or vaccine travel criteria to their chosen destination.

They’ll even be willing to exchange the results of the examination and vaccine certificates with officials and airlines to make travel easier, thanks to the Trustworthy Testing Code (TT Code), which verifies that the test was performed in a reputable lab.
The TT Code is also used to create a Travel Code (TC) for international travel as proof of the test.

In the event of a health emergency, the TT Code and TC are normal travel clearance standards for international travel.

“Kenya Airways believes in keeping the health and safety of our passengers as a top priority and is proud to be one of the leading airlines in Africa to promote a one-stop-secure travel shop to regain passenger trust to fly once more,” said Acting Chief Commercial Officer Julius Thairu.

We are extremely proud to be a part of the AU and Africa CDC’s mission to ensure hassle-free and compliant travel around the world while preventing the spread of Covid-19 infection across borders,” says the company. Thairu added

As an AU and Africa CDC partner, Kenya Airways will also have crucial input and reviews to help develop the Trustworthy Travel Pass scheme, making the pioneering step in facilitating secure international travel during the pandemic as easy as possible, he added, giving people the assurance that they are meeting all Covid-19 entry criteria by governments.

“The Africa We Want” can only be realized by such brave involvement of industry with the continental Union’s policy and political agenda, according to John Nkengasong, Director of the African Union Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in Addis Ababa.

Kenya Airways will be able to check the accuracy of test results and vaccination certificates provided by other countries using the Trusted Travel portal, which includes a wide range of technology.

Without such a scheme, attempts to reduce cross-border transmission while enabling trans-border commercial operations would be hampered by the prevalence of user-tampered and bogus test and vaccine certificates.

The platform is stable and reliable, and it was designed in compliance with international cybersecurity and data privacy requirements.

Kenya Airways is a member of the Sky Team Partnership, and prior to Covid, it flew to 41 destinations around the world, 34 of which were in Africa, carrying over four million passengers.

The World Travel Awards named KQ Africa’s leading airline in 2020.

It continues to modernize its fleet, with 32 of the youngest aircraft in Africa.

This includes the B787 Dreamliner, the company’s flagship aircraft.

It recently converted a Boeing 787 into a freighter in order to expand cargo space.

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