October 24, 2021

In Madrid, Spain, a man is on trial for ‘killing and eating his mother.’

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In Spain, a man is on trial for reportedly murdering his mother, dismembering her body, and eating her bones.

Alberto Sánchez Gómez was jailed in 2019 when police visited his 66-year-old mother’s home in response to a friend’s complaints.

Police said they discovered body parts strewn about the apartment, some of which were stored in plastic bins.

The suspect has testified in court that he has no recollection of dismembering and eating his mother.

Prior to his arrest, he was said to be suffering from a personality disorder as well as an opioid addiction.

He was identified to police because of threats against his girlfriend, Mara Soledad Gómez, and he had violated a restraining order at the time of his arrest, according to Spanish reports.

The court learned about the gruesome scene discovered by investigators in February 2019 at a house in eastern Madrid.

According to the newspaper El Mundo, some of the human remains were being boiled and others were being preserved in barrels.

The suspect, who was 26 at the time, allegedly admitted to strangling his mother and said that he had eaten and fed the body parts to the dog on many occasions.

The hearing is still ongoing.

Source: BBC

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