March 18, 2023

Ghana has been ranked as Africa’s second most peaceful country.

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In its 2021 Global Peace Index study, the Institute for Economics and Peace (IEP) placed Ghana as the second most peaceful African country.

According to the IEP worldwide assessment, Ghana had a score of 1.715 out of 163 nations evaluated, placing the country in 38th place internationally. The Global Peace Index has risen two points since the previous edition.

Mauritius, the only African country to rank higher than Ghana in the Peace Index, was rated 28th in the global arena. Botswana was placed third in Africa and 41st overall in the global peace index.

With a score of 1.1, Iceland is ranked first as the world’s most tranquil country. Second, third, fourth, and fifth place go to New Zealand, Denmark, Portugal, and Slovenia, respectively.

Iraq (ranked 159th), South Sudan (ranked 160th), Syria (ranked 161st), Yemen (ranked 162nd), and Afghanistan (ranked 162nd) are the five least peaceful nations in the world, according to the 2021 global peace index (at the bottom ranking163rd).


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