May 26, 2022

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Fedex Ghana Extorts Ghanains.

Fedex Ghana Extorting Money From Clients As Clearance Service Charge.

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Fedex Ghana is extorting monies from clients in the name of clearance service charge.

There has been several complains from customers who use Fedex in Ghana, concerning the service and  amount they are charged for clearance service fee.

Say No To Any Person Who Calls You From Fedex, In Respect To Helping You Clear Your Goods In Their Custody. 

These are some few reasons you should never give Fedex the go-ahead to clear goods on your behalf;

  1. High Service Charge Fee.
  2. Delay In Service Delivery.
  3. Terrible Customer Support/Service.

It is by far better to clear your goods through the Private Agents.


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