October 22, 2021


Election Petition Dismissed without merit

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The supreme court of Ghana has ruled that contestant John Dramani Mahama’s petition opposing the outcome of Ghana’s 2020 general election is without validity.

The petition of John Mahama was unanimously dismissed by a seven-member Supreme Court jury.

In his petition, John Dramani called for a rerun of the December 2020 election, arguing that no party received the requisite 50 percent plus one vote to be declared the winner.

The appellant had the presumption of evidence, according to the supreme court, but he struggled miserably to meet it.

Chief Justice Kwasi Anin-Yeboah read the decision, which stated:

“The petitioner has not provided any evidence to rebut the evidence created by the presumption CI135, for which his action must fail.

“We therefore have no reason to order a re-run as pleaded by the petitioner. We accordingly dismisses the petition as having no merit,”

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