October 23, 2021

Close the Resource Center for LGBTQI-Rev Ntim Fordjour urges national security

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The Assin South MP demands that the new LGBTQI resource center opened in Accra be shut down by National Security.

Rev. John Ntim Fordjour claimed in a press release that it is appalling and ironic that a state that abhors LGBTQI faith and cultural preference practices and criminalizes the same behaviors will remain unconcerned.

Are we told by the National Security apparatus that they have no knowledge about the site of this so-called LGBTQI resource centre, which has been open for weeks now? Are they asking us that the individuals and organisations behind this abominable act have no intelligence? Why are they pretty? ”

If the ‘Armed Robbers Association’ or the ‘Drug Dealers Association’ were to open an office openly in some unknown corner of Ghana, will the security forces not be performing a rapid raid with alacrity at this time? ”

Rev Ntim Fordjour said that people who follow LGBTQI are quite “unfortunately pampered” and handled in Ghana with kid gloves, unlike other offences.

He said that, while they are serious violations of the law, culture has seen the public glorify their acts through social media channels.

“The impunity of LGBTQI open and public advocacy and practice is increasing largely because criminals have not been prosecuted.”

The MP is not the only one to kick off the launch of the Ghanaian LGBTQI office.

The Ghana Catholic Bishops’ Conference (GCBC) urged the government not to bow to pressure in Ghana to legitimize the rights of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer (LGBTQI) people.

In a statement signed by its Founder, Reverend Philip Nameeh, the GCBC reiterated that “according to the Church’s understanding of human rights, the rights of homosexuals as individuals do not include the right of a man to marry a man or a woman to marry a woman.” This is morally unacceptable for the Church, and goes against the intent of marriage.’

The National Coalition for Fair Human Sexual Rights and Family Values has opposed the opening of the LGBTQI office, arguing that its presence is unconstitutional and an affront to the country’s rules, culture and customs and must be shut down.

At a press conference, Coalition Executive Secretary Moses Foh-Amoaning said the act was insulting to Ghanaians and threatened the authority of the state.

Once again, the Minister-designate for Caste, Children and Social Security said that the Ghanaian community frowned on it, rendering it illegal by the laws regulating the state.

Speaking at the Appointment Committee vetting, Sarah Adwoa Safo said, “On the issue of its criminality, the issue of cultural acceptance and standards is also non-negotiable.” Such approaches are also frowned upon,” she said emphatically.

Rev Ntim Fordjour, however, noted that many people now argue that the law forbids one from having unnatural carnal awareness with another person under Section 104 of the Ghana Criminal Code is not sufficient grounds to properly demonstrate the role of the country on LGBTQI activities.

He said that the legislation has to be expanded, with the inclusion of stricter rules dealing with LGBTQI activities.

“I have remained an ardent advocate for the enforcement of existing laws and fully inclined to further legislation in order to deal adequately with these issues in accordance with the Ghanaian Constitution and in accordance with our broad religious and cultural orientation, with special regard to morality.”

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