October 24, 2021

Apam drowning: the gods request one Cow, 12 fowls, and 33 yam tubers.

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Apam’s gods have demanded that its people bring a donkey, 12 fowls, and 33 tubers of yam to please them in order to avoid another incident in the city.

According to the chiefs of Gomoa Akyempim, they have begun conducting sacrifices to the gods in order to aid in the recovery of the bodies of those who drowned in the sea many weeks ago.

They announced that the gods’ requests would assist them in retrieving the bodies of the children who drowned and have yet to be identified.

Apam was plunged into mourning when a group of children, thought to be in their twenties, went to the beach to have fun but drowned.

During the preparations to bury the girls, the area’s chief priests and priestesses announced that they had finished consulting the gods about what to do and requested 1 fat cow, 3 sheep, 12 fowls, 33 tubers of yam, and 3 cartons of schnapps.

Nana Essel Botwe, the area’s queen mother, said that a meeting with the gods showed that they had angered the gods and wanted to be appeased.

She emphasized that the essence of this pacification, including the fact that other Christians do not accept or recognize, they trust in their rituals and practices.

“We did this rituals to prevent such disasters from happening a second time” said the queen mother.

Nana Okofo Annan, the “Somankwa hene” of the Gomoah Akyempim traditional district, told the media that the traditional council would impose a ban on people under the age of 18 swimming in the sea.

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