October 24, 2021

After a botched burglary attempt, a thief is caught inside a chapel.

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Agyasuo, a robber, was discovered caught inside a church building after attempting to steal it.

Agyasuo is accused of breaking into the Catholic Church in Techimantia, Tano South Municipality, using a chisel and hammer to make a small hole.

Residents in the neighborhood, unbeknownst to him, had set up a watch over the church and warned the building’s caretaker, all while waiting for him to complete his robbery attempt.

The robber was already in the building hours later, refusing to leave the same direction he had arrived.

In a screenshot, Agyasuo is seen handing over some of the money he robbed to locals who had gathered to watch him try to get out of the pit. He can be seen begging residents who had assembled at the crime scene to support him.

Although some people complied and attempted to cut a larger route for him to emerge from the pit, others refused to assist him, teasingly urging him to exit the same direction he entered.

After a while, the church’s caretaker opened the gates.

A bag containing phones, a computer, and other things he had taken while inside the building was in his hands.

Following that, the suspect was turned over to the police for trial. His mother, who was present at the time of his arrest, was in tears, stunned that his son had become a thief.

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