October 21, 2021

A nurse who went missing in Kumasi was discovered dead, missing her tongue and fingers.

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Anabelle Duah, a Kwadaso Midwifery and Nursing College graduate nurse who had been missing for days (since April 1, 2021), has been found dead with some of her body parts missing.

According to sources, the nurse went to the market before going missing on April 1st, 2021 to look after her mother’s meat shop while her mother was gone.

According to viral accounts, Anabelle left the market earlier than normal on the fateful day and hurriedly got into a stranger’s car before driving away.

After that day, the graduate nurse did not return to the home.

This sparked questions, so the parents went to the shop to inquire, only to learn that their daughter had closed the shop early the day before and jumped into a stranger’s car.

The parents were alarmed by this information and reported the case to the Kwadaso Police Station. Anabelle Duah has not been seen in days.

Unfortunately, the 25-year-old nurse was discovered dead with missing fingers and tongue at the Kwadaso Presby school.

When she was discovered with bruises all over her body, all of her fingertips had been freshly sliced.

Her ashes, according to sources, have been stored at the hospital and are awaiting an autopsy to help in the investigation.


Source: GHpage

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