October 24, 2021

38 dolphins have been released into the sea, 29 have been buried, and the others are still missing.

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Last Sunday, a team of experts from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the Fisheries Commission released 38 dolphins that had washed up on the beach at Axim-Bewire.

However, 25 of the deceased marine mammals discovered in the communities were buried.

Officials report that 120 dolphins were washed up alive on the beach, but they were frail and unable to swim back to their natural environment.

Some people choose 29 sea mammals for the villages, but a scan revealed that they were all extinct.

As a result, 25 of the bodies were buried and four were taken to the University of Cape Coast for analysis.

The remainder of the dolphins is unaccounted for, according to the squad.

The heads, limbs, and bits of dismembered parts of nine dolphins were also discovered along the beaches of Axim-Bewire, with the suspicion that the remaining parts had made their way into the populations.

As a result, officials were forced to remain late into the night last Sunday in order to apprehend someone who might go to process the mammals for eating or sale under the cover of darkness.

Mr. Arafat Alhassan, the acting Western Regional Director of Fisheries, said they had buried everything they could recover from the population for the time being.

Source: Graphic.com.gh

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